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Freely available conference calling services may be tempting on the Internet, but let's look at the benefits and disadvantages of services. The basics of these services cause certain limitations that may affect your business.

Basics of freely accessible conference calls

Freely available conference calling services are primarily funded by advertising. In some cases, conference calls are only free of charge for a trial period and must be paid. The truly free conference call providers can not pay for the right customer service through the advertising revenue. This is why freer conference is usually only a hook so that customers can subscribe to a paid service.

Free Conference Call Customer Service

Consider an international client conference situation. You may experience problems with static or line tones that call into question communication. If you can not solve the problem quickly through customer service, only the most perceived potential customers think that they will later give you a different chance. Rescheduling due to technical problems is simply unprofessional, unacceptable and likely to be a customer.

Unfortunately, such line noise problems are common for free conference management services. They often run on public VoIP lines that are influenced by countless factors, just as internet transfers and cellular phone calls are easily confused.

The problem with most VoIP conference calling services

Connections on traditional telephone networks have a dedicated line that prevents interruptions in the communication line. IP networks work differently. Information is available everywhere. Large file transfer takes bandwidth, which results in faulty signals or faulty communication

. IP networks are designed with software, no sound. That's why streaming content has been buffered before you play it on your computer. Buffering allows the program to compensate for disturbances, thus providing a smooth flow. This is not possible in real-time, live communication. While buffering can prevent interference, there is always a delay as soon as the signal is buffered. This hinders and hinders contact with the customer, so it is more like using a push-to-talk system than a two-way interface.


Paid services offer private, dedicated IP networks that eliminate file interference and other problems. Advertising revenue for free services is simply not enough to pay for such infrastructure.

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