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Videoconferencing is a two-way video communication where the demonstrator or presenter can stream live video and audio streams to the audience through the camera and the streaming server. Re-integrate your personal encounter with a geographically dispersed audience and reduce the amount of travel you need.

Components of interactive video conferencing

Video conferencing consists of:

  • Live Video and Audio Streaming – Two-way video sharing is one of the essential features of interactive live video conferencing. Allows multiple performers and individual performers to fully monitor sessions. Not only can the audience see it and take part in the speaker's talk, but presentations can view and interact with viewers as well, if needed. This two-way audio / video streaming enhances the efficiency of content and knowledge.
  • Online chat and loudspeakers – Meeting the audience's concerns will allow live chat or loudspeakers to allow different performers to communicate with the audience through text-based conversations and live chat. Speakers are innovative, secretive chat rooms based on the Speaker's or Speaker's Expert Area to more effectively connect the audience and more speakers and minimize noise levels.
  • Handsfree or Q / A features – Handsfree feature is a separate question / answer feature that allows individuals to ask questions during the conversation between audio and video and interactively interact with the presentation .
  • – These user-centered reviews and engagements are used by videoconferencing to understand the level of understanding, suitability, or audience feedback on certain topics at certain intervals, intervals or after the conference. The Presenter can publish questions at different intervals – MCQ, True / False or Descriptive – to know the audience's requirements and to know the available knowledge.
  • Document Attachment – The presentation is a live conference that includes documents such as PDFs, Word files, Excel sheets, images and PowerPoint presentations, etc. You can attach and distribute it by increasing the understanding of the various complex topics and by supporting resources.
  • Real-time desktop sharing – Real-time desktop sharing allows publishers to present and present the content presented through the computer through documents, videos, animations, software simulations, graphs, and web pages.
  • Instant Recording – Your Artist can take instant shots of a session or a part of it for web distribution, edited publishing, and future webcasting.

Types of Free Video Conferencing

All-in-one free video conferencing is available in a variety of ways and formats. It facilitates communication and development in virtually every vertical, including, but not limited to, health, education, retail, government and manufacturing industries. Free video conferencing tools can be categorized into the following categories:

  1. Social Media Platforms Video chat is expected to grow through social media such as Facebook Videos Chat and Google+ Hangouts and community or social communications. Google Hangout plays a remarkable role in the market and is a useful communication and collaboration application for contact with the world's audience to show upcoming and new products / services and create ideas for like-minded professionals and their peers. listening to or entertaining online friends and relatives.
  2. Web messaging Web news providers like Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Microsoft Windows Live Messenger played a significant role in revolutionizing and evolving internet video communications. Windows Messenger is one of the earliest users of interactive live video conferencing and has made a remarkable contribution to the advancement of peer-to-peer video communications. These web messengers are available free of charge and involve the audience at significant costs through the Internet.
  3. Mobile Applications Communication is mobilizing. Free mobile video conferencing applications are the next big thing. Top quality video applications such as iVisit, ooVoo and Fring are becoming more and more popular every day. The progress of mobile communications affects video chat, conference calls, and enhanced 3G / 4G phones such as iPhone, SamSung Galaxy Phone and Nokia Fusion phones, and so on. Use it to grow and improve faster and become available to users of these phones. The development and ingenuity of applications – whether a live conference or a simple video chat – are trivial in the competitive mobile market and the success / failure of some devices.
  4. Live Streaming In addition to developing video conferencing solutions for mobile conferencing and web messaging, live streaming platforms such as YouTube Live Streaming, USTREAM and are still the most widely used and recognized video conferencing solutions Worldwide for ease of use and flexibility, these software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications offer.

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