How does web conferencing work and how much does it cost?

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Compared to travel, time and energy savings, web conferencing costs are inexpensive.

There are many conference solution providers, and it's difficult to distinguish one another. These providers provide all the technical material. Users have abandoned the handling of simple codes such as *, then 2 connections, and so on.

There are basically two types of pricing model: subscription per month, usually $ 25 per month, up to 5 people. Additional initial $ 30 pricing fees, up to $ 150 a month, up to 20 people plus fees.

The other model is the pay per minute for each participant, excluding the international call fee. Prices vary from 0.12 to 0.40 dollars per minute for the local line.

Skype uses Voice over IP telephony technology to connect virtually anything (0.03 Euros per minute) to users, enabling up to 500 users to connect to a high-speed conference call.

One of the CEOs of the big company estimates that web conferencing technology saves more than $ 40 million a year on travel and accommodation.

Web conference calls take advantage of the internet's two most important sharing information and connect people from all over the world.

Despite all this, I must mention that there are aspects of human interaction that web conferencing does not imitate and replace, such as shaking hands, hugs, eye contact, real nice smile, perfume, body language, lunch together, a combination of beer and other tiny human gestures that create true true trust among people.

In addition, some training seminars that traveled abroad were a compensatory reward for employees for their employers and workers' environments and their refurbishment.

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