How to Choose an Audio Conferencing Provider

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There are about ten audio conferencing providers in the Australian market, three years ago there was a big difference between them. It is not easy to notice the difference now. The following are the main areas to be considered when selecting a conference service provider.
Conference Service Provider = CSP

Product Package

Most conference calls are available on request because this is the most convenient and cheapest solution. Each CSP will give this.

There are small differences between service providers but are so small that 99% of users can use any service. They're roughly interchangeable.

Each of the CSPs has a long list of features, but the reality is that few users use anything, remove anything from a queue, replay the names of the participants, and close the meeting.

A few years ago, the operator was successful, an important service, but currently offers fewer CSPs. Its use is limited to people who can afford to receive premium over automated services or have very big appointments.


As far as support is concerned, the most important factor is the type and location of the conference platform used.

Good service providers use highly reliable platforms by a small number of manufacturers. You have to wait to hear one of those names, Avaya, Compunetix, Polycom, Presscom, Spectel, or Voyant. If not, CSP is probably less reliable.

In order to provide the maximum level of redundancy, a conference platform must be placed with a telephone company switch / replacement switch. So in Australia they are looking for names like Telstra, Optus, Macquarie Telecom, Primus, MCI / Verizon or AAPT.

This is a fundamental fact for the conference vendor, and may be able to draw its own conclusions if it can not provide an immediate response.

What kind of support do they provide?

The least customer should expect a quick response to a questionnaire, service question, or account query. If there are service problems that need to be solved and resolved as quickly as possible. The person dealing with the above should be easily accessible and well-informed.

Is I Reliable to My Service Provider?

Companies often sell at very good prices but are weak on delivery. If you have a problem, will the CSP tell you what you want to hear?

Is it easy to work?

This is usually a major issue for the services provided by telephone operators who are seldom known for great customer service.


Not long ago this was a remote third after the selection process after product package and support. Today, offering almost the same services, the price becomes more important factor.

Huge prices on the market are available. The luxury of phone companies is the most expensive. They are usually chosen because they save on purchases.

Do I like working with CSP?

You can only judge this. Your CSP must provide the required range of products at a reasonable price. They must be easily accessible and responsive and have to give honest recommendations. We assume that the service is reliable.

Product Differentiation

Again, not so long ago there was a real difference, now differences are not important for most users. Of course, there will always be a new feature in marketing that a sales person tries to convince or absolutely necessary.

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