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Take a second – How did you determine interpersonal communication?

Would you like to say that "two people are talking" will you define exactly?

Not exactly.

For example: Neither a grocery store that asks "you want paper or plastic" and when you ask for a cup of coffee in Starbucks, it would be interpersonal communication. Instead, the two previous examples would be a more mechanical, business form of communication. In light of this, we can conclude that the definition of the "chat of two people" is too broad, simple and general.

So … Interpersonal communication is basically sharing personal data or secrets with other people?

Possible scenario, but this is not a requirement.

Generally speaking, if two people experience real interpersonal communication, they will be as close as they need to consider splitting secrets. However, sharing dark details is not required again.

Do you want to say that "romantic" and "interpersonal" are interchangeable expressions in this type of communication?

Not always.

While there is a need for interpersonal communication between romantic relationships, this kind of communication can take place without a romantic fire between the two. Examples may be friends, neighbors, associates, brothers and sisters.

So what's this interpersonal communication?

Interpersonal communication when two people communicate in the context of the circumstances at that time.

When a teacher takes time to talk to you about his weekend when he calls his doctor to his family when his boss invites you to dinner – all of which lead to situations that lead to interpersonal communication.

In each of the aforementioned scenarios, the two people are involved in communication that goes beyond what role they play in society and their relationship. Interpersonal communication was created.

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