Is every video conferencing service the same?

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Searching for video conferencing services is the first place to look at the web. Here you will find a wide list of video service providers that allow you to use web conferencing. Videoconferencing is changing rapidly as large and small companies collaborate with employees and their clients around the world. In order to get the best service for web video conferencing, we need to read what businesses will deliver.

Sorted alphabetically, the main video conferencing services are as follows:

· Aethra

· AliceStreet Conference Center

· Arel Anywhere

· BNI Solutions

· BT Conference

· Central offices

· CityIS

· Clique Communications

· CloudMeeting

· CMEI Video

· E-Boardroom

· E-Conference Center

· EMeetPlus

] · Eyenetwork

· GlowPoint

· GoodMood WIP

· Imajet Communications

· International Video Conferencing

· MegaMeeting

· MCI Conference

· MyGlobalCam

· OmniScreen


· Santa Cruz Networks

· Satellite Communications Systems

· Unreal Media Server

· VidSoft

· WebVideo4U

Views of this list of videoconferencing providers or the first thing to be noticed is the places where the service exists. For example, the Central Business Bureau Business Center is primarily for Singapore companies and CityIS works for companies in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe. Arethra is an Italian company that uses a unique system called MeetinVideo. When you read this product, you first say that you need an accurate and effective organization. However, you are proud of being problem-free.

Although paying a bit more for video conferencing, BNI Solutions enables you to make high-quality video conferencing on the Internet over any IP-based network without creating a centralized MCU. BT Conferences are based on WebEx, which has become world-renowned for its high-quality web conferencing.

If you want a video conferencing service based on a monthly subscription, there are many options available. They usually offer multipoint video conferencing and instant messaging, as well as ability to share files and folders from the participants. tables. Emblaze is one of the companies that offer group / conference conferences with video and eMeetPlus offers a table / sign, web page sharing and file transfer.

If you look at what you get with these services, look at the price tag that belongs to each of them. Combining both features and prices, web video conferencing makes it much easier and less stressful to your business cost bill.

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