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If you are in the legal world, conference applications will help you reach your goals and save you time and money.

Nowadays, we all know that voice, web, and video conferencing can help lawyers in their everyday tasks to deliver their case. What is not so well known is that there are many applications and functions that can help lawmakers in clearing costs and increasing their efficiency.

One of the best applications is in the accounting area of ​​audio conference costs. You must be able to easily identify which client ID code for each conference call. You can do this with a pass / PIN code system. After dialing the phone number to the conference bridge, enter the command code when the bridge requests it. This will enter the conference call. If enabled, the bridge asks you to enter the PIN code, which means the customer billing number.

When using this system, you will be fully accounted for which calls are to be billed to which customers are. You can use the bridge's online portal or conference publisher to see the details of the call or use the billing summary on your monthly bill.

Another application that helps you count your conference costs involves conference calls involving several law firms, such as class action rights. This is simply called an individual billing. The conference company must determine the billing of both parties involved in the call (lawyer's office), and then only the members of the attorney's office must count. There are fifty law offices in one class action case on the call. The conference company should be able to count the individual costs of each law firm and then directly invoice each business instead of a company grabbing the time to split the bill and then allocating separate funds to go to the company.

Deposit conference calls are another application that saves you time and money. With a deposit request, only audio or audio and video can be used together. Both parties dial the loud portion of the call to the conference bridge and use the web part of the video to use the web conferencing service. Both the sound and the video should be recorded for future playback and a link or a copy of the video sent to the company. Deposit calls cancel the travel and time needed for personal deposits.

Court calls can also be used to protect judges, lawyers, and clients' time and money by making factual information through a conference call. Again, audio or audio and video can be used to ease such cases. Typically, all lawyers and their clients dial to the conference bridge. If all parties are present, the conference operator then calls the judge and everyone is organizing a conference. The video can be used with webcams and web conferencing software, and both audio and video can be recorded.

These conference applications are just a few of the most suitable applications for lawyers and law firms. For more information about these applications or conferencing services for the legal profession, please contact Mike Burns at 888-239-3969.

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