Listening and Silence, Effective Communication Skills

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Communication needs to be a two way street – send messages and receive messages – to be effective.

This is just common sense; but too often they are ignored as organizations and individuals spend millions of dollars each year and spend several hours each year sending messages and paying little attention to developing hearing skills.

Managers are so busy with the torrent of communication, the time to hear whether the messages are received and say nothing about understanding them.

Meanwhile, listening to many listening services, while many career rankers rank the number one work experience. ] We are able to think that we are listening to when we are just waiting to talk and respond to what we are saying. As a result, 75-80 percent of our verbal communications are distorted by our own filters

The Waiting for Speech Does not necessarily Listen

"The most important reason why most people are poor students are so busy that they are spiritual that the other's true message is missing, "says Connie Dieken, president of OnPoint Communications, Ohio, Cleveland.

Another reason for the breakdown of communication is that students' minds work faster than speakers. 19659002] Ms. Dieken proposes to "stay" at the moment "to prevent racing and other mental tasks."

Listening is not an easy task. Time, patience, energy and focus are needed. This is art that needs to be taught and practiced as a speech, "says Barbara Brannen, CEO of Littleton, Colorado Advisory Company.

In addition to the" momentary stay ", the student's skills include:

Career Tip: Silence , a Powerful Communication Tool

One of the toughest lessons that any aggressive and ambitious person must master on the path, silence can be a powerful tool for communication that is needed to show strong opinions to the highest level of drive and to express but there are often places where it is better to sit back and talk to others.] Think about it: It's not your responsibility to raise noise, noise, noise, talk to others, something important to say if you do not and I'm still talking , can reveal stupidity and seem clever

Every good arm rier adviser says it's better to ask why you did not talk about why you did.

Effective communication skills are essential to career success.

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