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Market meetings, then falls. The cost of oil per barrel is wholly sloping and leaves black spots everywhere. Each business is looking for a new source of revenue, but tries to figure out how to effectively carry on business while cutting costs. Given the critical importance of reaching customers and communicating cost-effective communication with staff on the planet, it is one of the main problems with spending management. We all have heard of the fact that videoconferencing is the solution, or that the web name can reach the larger market and the specific customers. The harsh issues arising from discussing alternative means and methods of cost savings emerge from the right technology, real cost savings and effective eye-to-face approach. The latest marketing segments for integration of solutions are Unified Communications and Telepresence. Each manufacturer has the definition to capitalize on business dollars.

The International Engineering Consortium defines the term Unified Communications (UC) as "Including individual users for both business and social purpose controlled call and multimedia / cross messaging features, a human user, and a single, content-independent a personal messaging channel (mailbox) for contacting. "It's simple to say that UC is a communication system that includes three or more elements: voice, unified messaging, video, mobility, web / conference and presence management.

In essence, the concept is shifted by the fact that UC provides a large picture with many technologies to the greater concept of Telepresense, which simplifies the integration of technologies into a more common environment.

From all available vendors available, we need to consider what meets business needs so that we can meet customers properly and have effective remote communications with our employees. We all wonder what value creation is for our business, and what systems need to integrate these technologies in a legitimate ROI. First, we need to discuss two of the three considerations as a set of values ​​that every business should take into account in evaluating the effectiveness of Telelpresence's technology and services.

– Easy to use

– Minimum extra waste – Additional hardware, software or other hangers under

– Cost-effective – Expenditure and repetitive costs including bandwidth on an IP-based system

– Communicate with more than one person or group

– Video and IP Voice Integrated and Synchronized

– Same projects can simultaneously share applications or presentations

– Customizable if needed

– Can be used for multiple uses. What if the same system could work for business conference and application co-operation, distance education and training, remote monitoring of devices, and IP video security and tracking?

– All the Technology of the Desk and Conference Room

How Effective Will It Be?

Statistically, when we talk personally, everyone leaves the 80% level of agreement and agrees with the issues at issue; in loud meetings it will be reduced to 40%; when the meeting is held via Telepresence, the level can reach up to 60%. The natural assumption is that meeting with Telepresence is the next best thing to be there. This is true of the way most people are involved in the standard video conferencing technology. However, if it is used properly by using collaborative applications and interactive end-user controls, Telepresence can really be better than personal.

Browser-based video and collaboration make it possible for distributed workforce to become real-time without charging travel costs and minimizing customer service time. Customers can make real-time interactions with offices for countless purposes of new product demonstration, training, and customer service interfaces to allow time zones to reach pre-negotiation.

The bottom line is always an incentive to implement new technologies. Telepresence is one of the fastest growing technological achievements for business purposes. Even in small and medium business environments. Choosing solutions should be a technology that meets a matrix of your needs and shows its effectiveness for business purposes. The use of cost-effective single-platform solutions is utilized by the Holy Grail. NCDCS, Inc. can effectively take you through decision making to reduce operating costs and speedy returns.

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