Organization of a conference call

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Conference calls are used by most companies that use more than 50 people. If you have affiliates in other countries or simply in another city you will have to communicate with your friends one day.

If you have to connect many people at a time, the best solution is the call conference. Teleconferencing can be achieved in minutes from the PC for free or inexpensive.

Individual or self-employed can not use professional solutions that require enterprise infrastructure. You may not be willing to invest in an advanced technology. However, you do not want to limit it by using a Voice over IP (VoIP) functionally rich but not open to everyone.

Provides the simplest and least costly permanent access to your site operator. With just a few clicks and a confirmation e-mail, we will do our best and your call will be available to anyone who has a standard phone.

Services Offered

The service provider should organize the conference so that users have prior access to all information, including the appointment date. If necessary, this is done directly in the SMS.

Usually the service includes:

* holding music for the first caller.
* Flag or report incoming and outgoing events.
* A microphone cut off, turn off identity or notify participants by mail some of the available features.


Speak a stunning number of quotations, high and prose, which speak of problems that may result from two or more people insisting on running a conference call.

Each conference must have an facilitator to guide the meeting with others. Two captains in the same boat lead faster to the bottom of the sea.

Learn how to submit before the conversation and do not set aside the speaking person. Otherwise, it may not be a conference, but an endless asphon. Planning is the most important thing to give you a detailed plan of what you are talking about.

In the business world, communication is an invaluable tool that can make a difference to the company's success. This may seem drastic, but the truth is, if a company employee (s) do not communicate properly, the company's performance may be severely affected. Therefore, there is a tool that helps companies improve communication regardless of their geographical location and the location of their various offices

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