Proven methods for effective communication

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In today's world, the EQ (Emotional Quotient) is much more desirable than the IQ (Intelligence Quotient). The Emotional Quotient has different attributes, but the most important thing is to be able to communicate effectively with others.

Harvard Business Review Subscribers have identified "communication capability as the most important factor in implementing implementation" – more important than ambitions, education, and hard work.

A 20-year study following Stanford University's MBA progress has shown that the most successful graduates shared the distinctive personality traits of good communicators. "The desire to persuade, to inquire about conversation with other people and a protruding rising personality." What Is Communication?

Send Ideas, Thoughts or Feelings and receive one or more people in the same way as the sender you want to understand, so this is a two-way process to which the binding force is the feedback loop. verbal – the loudspeaker, the speaker for too long

Communication can be divided into three main areas: 19659002] Oral

  1. we are talking
  2. written

Not verbal

  1. Body language


  1. Active Listening
  2. Passive Listening
  3. Reflective Listening

Tom Peter's business consultant and co-author of "Finding Excellence" emphasizes that one of the keys to business success is careful listening. "Know what your customers are interested in, then they are doing: listening – that's the most important thing."

The most important silence is active listening. Active listening goes beyond regular listening because the student encourages both the information and feelings. Active listening is the key to building relationships, as it shows real interest.

Passive listening is appropriate when talking to a key speaker who uses most of the conversation and audience in training or educational mode.

Reflective Listening is appropriate if the concerned concerned, frustrated, confused or upset. It is about recognizing the feeling as content. You reflect or echo what a person feels like saying something like this: "These instructions seem to be a bit confusing and therefore disappointing." Here's a bad listening example: 19659002] In the US, a conquering Hindu was ordered by the local Taco Bell (a fast-food spot selling mexican food). Since carnage was forbidden within religion, he had twice stressed to the staff at the counter that he only wanted a bean containing only beans, only meat. After the burial of the burritos he realized the horror that he had burrito beef and not beans.

The customer subsequently won millions of dollars (and won) the Taco Bell, which is affecting emotional disturbances and medical costs, and dramatically influencing our communication skills by enhancing our silence, thereby positively affecting all aspects of our lives.

"Communication is indeed everyone who always pays, eventually … and if he can not communicate effectively … he will pay … and do not pay." Doug Firebaugh

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