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"If you need to, fill out the need". This statement attributes so much truth, and I think it deserves the necessary attention. It's not just an amazing quote from a cute movie. Nothing that has ever been said in the truth has not yet been said by the one who created the whole creation. Of course, we will never find these exact words in the Bible, but we find a scripture that advises us to do this and why. Recently, it seems that so many young people are in the world doing their own job and not watching the consequences one day will create. I can not blame this younger generation for doing what's good for them if they have never taught the true word of God. This is a theme that is realized through generations. As God's Word gradually reduces our lives, we all gravitate to the law of the earth, not to the Supreme God. As a result, we have created a new generation of misguided, selfish, lazy, malicious people with bad behavior. In all generations where the teachings of life are not taught and taught, they become worse because these children have children. Marriage is no longer a prerequisite. I'm not saying that all American Americans fit this account. Praise God, there are some who have studied God's Word and live a life that likes Him. But the problem seems to be a minority.

An example of this is the new attitude of "what is with me". I know a young man who has never raised misfortune in an ungodly house. He left more or less his own means. He never finished high school and jumped from work to woman and woman. His idea is to be a real man drinking and shooting. This has been in trouble for more than once. Not only is this kind of unusual attitude creating two innocent sacrifices from marriage to two different women and now perhaps one third to another woman. These kids do not see the bigger picture. Rather than relying on a woman and relying on their father's responsibility, they will soon be bored and go ahead and receive childcare in their tracks. This is not what God intended. It also responds to taxpayers. Since God created man in his own image and God is love, correction, gentleness, patience, service, and so on. His epitome just shows that someone else took over this role. Only a shameful and corrupt creature would teach selfishness, greed, sexual desire, wealth, power, pride, and unhappiness. His name is Satan. He enthusiastically teaches people how to become their own gods and lead the creation of the whole God into the pit of destruction. Unless young people can hear the Word of God, they will not be able to fulfill the truth. As the saying goes, "you can not sell what you do not know". Servants of the highest king, expect them to see their needs and fill them. His Word gives us the things we need to release them. It was God's plan. Moreover, the more we give, the more we will get! What kind of needs can anyone satisfy as well as yourself? You may say that you do not have money, you have no special talent, but nothing to offer. Stop there! Everyone has something to donate and no money.

The only thing you've told us is … LOVE! This kind of love is better known as brotherly love. This has caused the needs of another man. It may not be possible for some to imagine, but the consequences are rewarded for a lifetime. It is God's successful plan. Let's look a little closer to some examples

"Do not give anything to anyone except to love each other because someone who loves your neighbor has fulfilled the law." Rom 13: 8

Paul tells us that we expect us to love every person, Christians and non-Christians. We do this by honestly repaying our debts. Do not let someone else keep the bill. Be Responsible and Responsible

"Let love be without reproach, reproach evil, insist on what is good, be brother to one another in brotherly love, give respect to one another, Romans 12: 9-10

This scripture speaks of the full prosperity of another person and meets or fills their needs, which is only good if it is honestly happening: devotion is purely from the heart. This is the part that God sees. it would be beneficial, Jesus is always the one who leads all truth, His Truth will save us from selfishness, greed, self-interest, pride, or whatever it will hold you back in other words, sin

Matthew in the book of pagans His Word tells us what the true salvation is and how to obtain it. Receives Christ in your hearts and His life it is the Lord and the Savior of the song that makes him sincere. On the day Christ returns to the reign of earth separates believers from nonbelievers. "But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then his throne will sit on his glory: Every nation will gather before him and separate them from each other, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and on his right the sheep and the goats are left to the left Matthew 25: 31-33

Immediately a believer, a sheep, likes to be loved, and the disbelieving on the left side will be replaced by shame, and they will reject it. . "Then the king says to his right," Come, O my Father, who inherits the kingdom of the world, because I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger, and you invited me, you were naked, and you wore clothes, you were sick, you visited me, I was in jail, and you came to me. Then the righteous answer him, "Lord, when I ahead of them, fed the hungry, thirsty and give you something to drink, and when we've seen strangers and invite you in, naked and dressed? When did we see you being sick or in jail and came to you? Matthew 25: 34-39

These true actions are the fruits of salvation, not good works. These good deeds do not in themselves have them in heaven. These actions of God manifested in the grace of their lives. This "brotherly love" is the ultimate goal of the judgment. Knowing the need and meeting the need is evidence of saving faith. Jesus told them that whatever they had done least, they did it.

Describes the same questions for the rescued but asks why he did not give him anything. Just as believers respond to a little difference: "When did we not do everything?" And he will respond to them:

"I'm really telling you so much that you did not make the least of them you did not do to me." Matthew 25:45

Therefore, we must be merciful to fulfill the needs of others for the glory of God.

"They are going to be eternal punishment, but true to eternal life." Matthew 24:46

Every choice we make today is determined tomorrow. Which one you choose?

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