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With rising oil prices on the world market, companies need to cut some expenses in order to profit. It eliminates the number of times that an employee travels on business trips instead of setting up a videoconferencing facility that targets the same goal.

But how do you construct videoconferencing? The simplest way to simply purchase the equipment and install it and let someone at the office take care of it. But that's not so easy. There are some things you must first know about being able to buy the right system.

Let's first talk about the tools that serve this purpose. There are three types: desktop, small group and learning group. Of course, each price is different, but the common denominator is that it can be used over ISDN or IP.

If you chose the one of the three required, then the next obstacle is working on the bandwidth. For example, the T-1 leaves only one communication line. What if you need to talk to more offices at once? For this you will need a T-3 or higher.

If you have problems with the IP network because you can not handle additional traffic, the best option is to have circuit-switched networks or install additional IP bandwidth

We've mentioned ISDN and IP networks earlier. What is the difference? ISDN is a digital network of integrated services. The IP protocol is the Internet protocol.

ISDN video conferencing occurs when you have the ability to integrate both analogue and voice data with digital data over the same network. This means you can handle high-speed data transfer services

You can do this on an IP network, which is very similar to how you can browse the Internet. In the United States, more people use IPs than ISDNs, but in Europe, it is just opposite, because it is much cheaper than IP.

When you budget your budget, how much you will need to set up a video conference, break down your fixed purchase costs from recurring costs. Fixed costs depend to a large extent on the number of units to be ordered. There is also the license that you need to get $ 250 and $ 40,000 each, and if you are a very large company, you may be over $ 100,000 per package because you need to take into account the hardware and software components you need.

is this worthwhile for video conferencing? Many people say, yes, because their staff are more productive, they make decisions quickly and save money.

It's a fact that private companies are not the only government, education, and healthcare sector

To find out more about how to set up video conferencing and how much it will cost, visit the vendors and get an estimate. Having compared the quotes of different companies, you will surely find the right amount of money in your budget.

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