Special conference applications for partnerships

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Membership life cycle membership. Without their membership, the associations would cease to exist. One of the most important tasks of the association is the upward and downward communication of the organizational structure. The national center should communicate with the state and local chapters and members, and the members must turn the chapters and the national center back. One of the best ways to communicate is conference calling, including voice, web and video conferencing. Over the past decade, a number of special applications have been developed with conference organization to achieve the goals of the association, improve communication with membership, generate new revenue and reduce costs. Here are six special conference apps that can be installed by associations now.

Administrative meetings. Associations can use a smooth old audio conference to keep the association hierarchy up and down administrative meetings. The national center may hold conference calls between the state and the local chapters, and all organizational levels may hold conference calls with the membership. You can record and save these calls for callers who have not answered the call or for those who just want to bring the call back to specific references for later playback. One of the new features of saved recordings is that the link to the capture can be sent to the moderator of all calls to postconferencing emails. When you click a link, the voice recording is automatically repeated, whether it's a desktop or a mobile device. The moderator can share the email with all the participants in the call, so anyone can listen to the instant playback of the meeting at any time. Operators of conference services can also use these administrative conference calls to perform Questions and Answers and Queries.

Custom billing. Conferencing providers usually send a monthly invoice to all the conference calls to the moderator or accountant who pays the association's account. However, some of these conference calls, such as lobbying calls, may include members from other organizations that can cause problems for the moderator who sets up the conference call. This moderator will receive an invoice for the call, then call the full cost of the call or split the costs of the other participating clubs and collect each of them. This is time-consuming and royal pain in the shorts. The new application for associations and other non-profit organizations is custom billing. With this new application, the service provider can split the bill based on all minutes spent on conference calls from individual organizations. The service provider then sends each individual invoice and collects it from each organization. This completely eliminates the need for associate staff to waste their time allocating, billing and collecting bills

Sub Conferencing. Bargaining is an operator-supported feature that allows an operator to divide the main call into subgroups that can be assigned to separate conferences. After the subgroups have completed their specific business activity, they can call the operator to return them to the main conference call. It would be an example of a national alliance that commences the great conference track with all the United States. When the call moderator is ready, the operator is called and then the call is subdivided into four subgroups, one subgroup of each country. After the subgroups have completed their regional business, the operator re-connects to subgroups to a large call. Bargaining is a service or application that needs to be pre-scheduled with the service provider so that the operator is available and knows the call.

Continuous education. Many professional organizations are required to continuously train the profession they represent. In addition, many of these specialists are required to continue training annually to meet their ongoing certification in the industries they work for. Initially, these classes were held personally, which required time and travel. Then the classmates started to help with conference calls. As conferencing technologies have evolved, these watches have now moved to the Internet and use Internet and video conferencing. Generally, associations need to develop the contents of the curriculum, meet marketing and promotion, observe all registrations, keep the webinar, send out invoices, collect funds for the courses, and send certificates that certify completion of the course. One of the new conference applications developed by conference service providers allows the association to focus entirely on the contents of the course and who teaches the class and allows the service provider to provide all the registration, marketing, webinar, with professional service providers, collecting all the money and sending the courses. At the end of the webinar, the service provider gives a billing summary to the association and verifies that the total revenue of the class has reduced the cost of the service provider by a difference. Each webinar should be a revenue-generator for the association.

Market research. Another application developed by service providers over the past decade focused on focus group interviews via voice or video conferencing. In the past, focus groups were personally involved and participated in getting the events and travel costs needed to get to the event, both for moderators and research subjects. With conferencing technology, these focus groups are now available with voice or video conferencing services, which significantly reduces rents and eliminates travel costs. These sessions can be recorded and recorded for the future playback of the researchers.

Affinitásprogramok. Affinity programs are designed to provide some associations with additional revenue sources. Many organizations generate more revenue and provide products and services for membership. Some conferencing providers have created affinity programs that allow the service provider to provide conference services to the membership of the association. Basically, the association gives the service provider permission to provide its services to the membership and to assist the services through the association's publications and communications to membership. The service provider then elaborates the material of the program, evaluates its sales services at a discounted price, then transfers the monthly royalties to the seat of the association based on the revenue generated by the program. The affinity program may provide a serious inflow to a new partnership, provided that membership can be used to use conference organization services.

There are six applications developed for associations, generating new revenue and lowering costs

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