The advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing

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Video conferencing is similar to popular video telephones where anyone can call the world anywhere and not just talk to them but to see them on your computer or on a television screen during a conversation. The difference is that the purpose of videoconferencing is to participate in major conferences and not to meet the needs of individual consumers, often using private television.

While many companies have used this technology as a useful tool in the wing, there are advantages and disadvantages of videoconferencing that needs to be considered before deciding whether or not they meet the meeting needs. Reach everyone who needs to reach it right away, regardless of whether anyone can take part in that time of day. The time differences between states and countries can be ignored without anyone traveling to the conference in the long run.

While a phone call may be enough for two people who need a brief conversation, the web conference will allow the various large rooms of people living in locations can work effectively with each other. Ten Executive Managers in Amsterdam can easily collaborate with five other New York and two Tokyo to create a full conference with all those who are able to see and hear it perfectly

. PowerPoint and other visual impressions can be shared with everyone at the conference, so everyone feels that they are in a room and everyone is in charge of the task and focusing on it.

4th Virtual boards allow people at different locations to create a common work space in their own thoughts or ideas. This allows everyone to formulate an action plan or to work immediately on a plan or slogan

. It is possible that some services will allow everyone to access another computer and see what's on the computer screen. With more advanced features, you can edit and enter your document directly from other conferencing computers. Businesses that require active co-operation in a project form can greatly increase this opportunity.

1. Price may be the biggest disadvantage for some people, though they are very inexpensive if they do not require more sophisticated services. Generally, an enterprise that can make better use of more advanced services often finds that money that exempts flying customers or employees in the country or the world means more than the cost of the provider. As fuel becomes increasingly problematic all over the world, the price becomes less disadvantageous and more advantageous

. There are human communication modes that do not turn too well at a distance, such as eye contact. When you sit in someone in the same room and listen to a speech or lecture you will see eye contact and judge who is watching the attention around the room. Many of these connections are not easy via the webcam.

The advantages and disadvantages of videoconferencing should be considered against your goal and whether there is any valuable value loss through this technology you do not want to give up.

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