The conference is quickly moving from business to consumer market

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When I started working at the telephone company in the seventies, the only way to make a conference call through a telephone company is to schedule it in advance and pay it for $ 3.50 per minute. Towards the end of the eighties and nineties, conference bridging technology has developed the place to hold unattended conference calls without an operator, and the rate dropped to 50 cent per minute. Businesses were slowly accepting conferences, but once they did, their use increased drastically. Newer technologies, such as web conferencing, have resulted in more use of the Internet and lead to lower prices. Now that desktop video conferencing technology has become and has become economic, the conference has finally started migrating to the consumer market.

Consumers' markets have traditionally severely penetrated the conference scene. More effort was tried and most were not effective. Teenage chat lines, family lines, school lines and patient lines were introduced, but very few people used a significant amount of use.

One of the problems was that consumers did not see the need for such a product. The other problem is that services were typically sold with "minute-paid" products and consumers were bigger and worried about the billing of large conferences.

With desktop video conferencing, consumers can now use their webcams and the web to meet with their laptop or desktop computer. With loudspeakers and headphones, you can stream audio over the Internet. Due to the Internet-based technology, prices dropped dramatically and new flat-rate unlimited user charges arose. You can now have family video conferences with family members all over the world as much as you want in less than $ 99 a month.

The Truely Conference has been a long way since the seventies. Starting with the business markets, the conference is now starting to set footprint on consumer markets. Using the internet, webcams and personal computers will continue the conference all over the world.

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