The History of Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing is something that has been possible since the establishment of the television. It has not become popular as a recent communication tool due to roof travel costs, but since it was not able to display graphics and loudness with a tube for entertainment, it is the same technology for use as a communication tool.

Video conferencing can be a simple meeting between two participants, or more people may be affected by multiple locations. When they first made this type of communication available, it was very expensive; so we could not use the things we use today. The first attempts to make video communication very poor are almost useless as a means of communication.

In the 1980s, this kind of communication meant more opportunities as technology continued to develop. Through the testing and the development of more advanced technologies, the first videoconferencing service became available in the 1990s. Internet protocols and advanced compression software have made it possible for these video conferencing systems to be accessed with the average use of the desktop computer. In 1992, Tim Dorcey designed a technology that soon created things like MSN Messenger and the like, using the computer. These media provide low-quality video conferencing services but generally do not use the business environment for conference purposes.

Streaming audio and video in real-time streams allows for video conferencing. With this technology you can sit at your desk at your office and talk to another person in their office. For larger settings, a call is placed in another office in a different office, where a group of people gathered at the conference. You can communicate with more people, each with their own office, across countries and cities across the country. This streaming technology makes this available to all users.

Creating digital technology was indeed the ultimate key to making video conferencing available. With this creation, people no longer have to travel from home to do business. Companies do not have to pay for sending partners to other states while they are paying their flights, hotel stays and meals. Thousands will be saved and business communication will be as effective as if a person actually attended the conference in the same room. Video conferencing took a long time, taking advantage of what it offers in a good business sense.

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