The operator-sponsored conference is on a high level

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Conference calls supported by a traditional operator have always affected the operators of operators who needed to have all incoming calls from all conference calls to each conference call. This operation was very expensive at labor cost and difficult to handle. Now a new technology has been created that facilitates operator assistance and significantly reduces labor costs. It also makes the customer's experience much better. Prior to 1995, most traditional conference calls required operators to either dial conferences or receive incoming calls from conferences that would allow them to place conferences in a conference room. In the mid-90's, with the release of a reserve conference, operators were taken out of the equation and clients could call their own conference without talking to an operator unless they were concerned.

Despite the unannounced conference exploded and everyone started using this form of conference, still needing "high touch" operator-supported calls. Quarterly revenue conferences from public companies, ongoing classroom plans, and calls from the "City Hall" political forums require the use of operators for conferences and "Q & A" or queries. Operators are also used to obtain important information about incoming conferences, such as names, companies, emails, and phone numbers.

In 2007, support for operator conferences was resumed in 2007. As these operators called, labor costs rose and started to rise again. As these calls grow larger, ie 500-1500 parties, human error is increasingly a problem. Operators would have to make mistakes by confere names. They would write names, send in incorrect email and phone numbers, and put some people in inappropriate conferences.

As these human errors are serious, some conference bidders have begun to develop technology to solve problems. You can now get operator-supported calls that minimize the amount of interaction with operators. The new technology allows conferees to dial the bridge, announce their pin code and automatically enter the conference. The "voice recording" application allows the call moderator to program up to five questions that the conference bridge can automatically gather from each judge. Then we record all such information and call back to the moderator at the end of each call. Now, only one operator is required to run Q & A or query. This new approach reduces conference call costs and costs to the customer.

Operators for these calls can now be added to other activities, such as helping clients with web conferencing and webinars, client demo involvement, and customer records.

As a customer, new opportunities are available for operator-supported calls, ask your current provider of high-tech opportunities, and how to reduce costs at the operator's conference.

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