The way of dress and communication

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There is a saying saying, "What you say to me tells me what you think about me, but what you wear, tell me what you think of yourself." Dress Mode is a Declaration. It tells the world how we feel.

Communication has little to do with words used. This is mainly through intonation, body language, and various signals that travel under the radar of people seeking communication.

The words "trying to communicate" were deliberately selected. No matter how much we try, how careful we are or how deliberately we are, accurate communication simply does not exist, only in very rare cases where the message is so simple that it can not be misinterpreted. the call statement can be better phrased as if it were an impression. The messages that we try to convey as a spiritual image and sometimes a simple sense of communication as a buyer.

Apart from very specific cases, we do not perceive exactly what we are communicating. These words form a picture or concept that summarizes what is read or heard. In order to make things even more complex, communication is colorful in the mood and in all that is perceived by the senses of the communicator's receiver.

It is only for the various courts to examine how complex communication is. Judges and lawyers have to argue for many months to discuss the exact meaning of a law that experts have worked out thoroughly to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding.

The United States Constitution, which adopted a very elaborate document, September 17-17, and has been controversial since then. This tells the volume about the accuracy of communication.

Based on all these considerations, we must first establish and accept the fact that what we are trying to convey through communication is very likely to be misunderstood. So it is not surprising if the reactions we receive when trying to communicate are not what we expected. Secondly, special attention must be paid to make every effort to convey images in the mind of the student as closely as possible to approach what we are trying to say and start on the road to dress

Even before we say something, the student has already he made a statement about who we are and where he comes from. This opinion is based on the image that we have dressed and is represented by us.

The rock star image sadly fails to convey imagination and sober imagination as the suit and tie do not send the message of the party boy. There are standards that are acceptable to every lifestyle and every group of people. For us, we have to judge and decide what is best for transmitting our basic message to the world.

A commercial air pilot with a loose hair to his shoulder is as competent as any other short hairstyle, but certainly does not inspire so much confidence for his passengers.

Our culture has defined specific binding codes for transmitting specific messages. After code, of course, it is not mandatory, but ignoring is certainly not the wisest thing, that is, if we communicate as accurately as possible.

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