Video communication, over video conferencing?

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When the conferences began with meetings, travel, leaving time and high cost. Conferences have evolved into telephone meetings that saved time and travel, but still cost large corporate conference systems. It was also about being unable to share documents, presentations, and contribute to the participants as if they were in the same room. Technological developments override this "gap" and provide "virtual" conference rooms where it does not seem to hinder the distance between the participants.

We use many other communication tools in our daily business. The most used tool can be email. Radicati Group's e-mail statistical report in May 2009 stated that "worldwide mail traffic will reach 247 billion daily messages in 2009. By 2013, this figure will almost double up to 507 billion messages per day, 63% of all traffic would be consumed and 37% of business email messages. "

Text messaging is boring, black and white and not capable of transmitting messages as clearly as we want. Adding Video to Email encourages senses becoming more informative, fun and interesting. E-mails are different from the days that many days have when they contain videos.

Social networks become widely popular. For example, blogging can be used to support businesses in a number of ways. According to Radicati's e-mail statistics report, 2010, "social networking has shown explosive growth over the last 18 months and by the end of 2010 we expect to see nearly 2.2 billion community accounts across the globe, both of which are both consumer and business accounts. , It will grow to 7 billion accounts worldwide. "Many companies already use" Fan Pages "on platforms such as Facebook to promote their company, products, and services.

Most commonly used social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, and Twitter. Recently video blogs have been published that differentiate millions of text blogs. There are many blogs, but not many built-in videos. The power to publish online and "blast" videos on the network is becoming more popular. Technological developments have allowed businesses to make more people faster and clearer than ever.

Companies use "list building" tools through web sites, e-subscriptions, or opt-in forms and auto-responders. They use it separately or together to be powerful in getting "pre-formed" about interest to get more information about your business or product. Many things are used, such as Subscribe to newsletter, request product information, or sign up for an event. If an auto responder "joins" a subscription form, he or she responds or automatically sends "message series".

Add video fixes for communication with multiple senses. Text and words are a great form of communication, but the ability to add "volume" to the video is "talking". We all listened to the ad: "An image worth a thousand words", how many words do you want the video?

Web-based apps have made it possible to create video ads quickly, easily, without download, without experience, or through special extensions. You just need a webcam, a digital camera or a camera phone and the Internet. These fully integrated video-based solutions are becoming more cost-effective and simpler in business.

Video communication is no longer just a videoconference. There is much more; Video e-mail, video blog, video responses, video sharing, video subscriptions, and video walls. You can use it all by improving business benefits and sending clear messages. The obvious change between e-mails and social media differs from the use of multiple texts and graphics. Video communications will satisfy the needs of businesses in the coming years.

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