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Imagine a videoconference with your friends and family. How can this difference make you and your loved ones? You think this is not accessible or too complicated and expensive.

There is a revolutionary new technology, video phone. You can now make the three-way video conference simpler and cheaper than you usually spend on regular, local long distance phone plans.


There is no technical solution to setting up the phone. It contains simple instructions.

  • The video phone has an internet and network cable and a telephone.
  • Connect the handset to the phone door on the side of the video phone.
  • Connect your video card to a high-speed Internet connection, such as a modem or router.
  • Connect the phone to a standard 110V wall jack with a power cord.
  • Allow approx. 5 minutes to identify and authenticate the unit.

As the phone number is "staying" in the phone while there is a high-speed internet connection and a power source, it is a video conferencing live stream video (more than 30 frames per second) anywhere in the world.

The size of the phone is the same as the typical desktop phone (9 "x 9" x 3 ") with airports

Initiating a conference call on the video Phone:

  1. Dial the number of the first party and wait for them to join you
  2. Press the conference call key (which will hold "first")
  3. The second party dials the number and waits for them
  4. Press the conference call key Calls from all over 60 countries

Calls from more than 60 countries from 60 countries

Show all 3 pairs:

If all 3 parties is connected, the 7-inch high-definition screen will show everyone live video in the call.

Conference on Widescreen TV:

A vid eoconference television is exactly the same. Now you see the parties on the TV instead of the phone.

  • Connect your video device to the TV with a 3-wire connector (2 Audio and 1 Video)
  • Use the keyboard and the on-screen instructions to select "External Video Output".
  • Continue by pressing the conference key to dial the phone numbers.

Imagine having breakfast on a widescreen TV with your granddaughter, your children, your loved ones, all of them 5,000 miles from each other in three different parts of the world.

Video is high definition and mouth sync. There is no delay between picture and sound.

After experiencing this new way of communication, you never want to live without it.

Expand the world and launch a videoconferencing.

John Wannop

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