Video Conferencing – How to Hold Video Conferencing Conferences?

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Keeping video conferencing home meetings is not just cheap, lighter than you'd think. You can not only have 3 3 conferences; you can extend the image to a widescreen TV.

Up until now, the leader / upline leader in the MLM business should be present at the home meeting to provide an effective and reliable impression of his guests. Thanks to the videoconferencing phone, this has changed. If you do, you really have a sense of time management.


Setting up the video phone is very simple. This requires a high-speed Internet connection and a 110-volt power supply.

  1. Connect the Internet cable to the Internet Input Connector at the back of the phone.
  2. Connect the other end to an ethernet port on a router or Internet modem.
  3. Connect the power cord to the back of the phone and the other end into a standard 110-volt power outlet.
  4. The phone will search for its IP address. Then the phone automatically registers or authenticates itself. This process takes about 5 minutes.

You are now ready to initiate almost every phone call in more than 60 countries. You do not have to dial "1" before the number.

Please note that the phone number associated with your phone is inside the device. That's why the phone is portable. You can make calls from any location on the ground as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection and a power supply. Anyone with the same local code can call this number free of charge.

This is quite unique as far as I'm concerned. Your family and friends can call your home phone number from home free of charge, regardless of whether the phone is connected to the Internet in the world.

Set Up TV:

Now, if you want a video conference on a widescreen TV, you're ready to set it up.

  • Connect a video cable with a 3-channel cable (2 audio and 1 video). For example, the video telephony has 3 sockets for this purpose as the latest televisions.
  • Using the "menu" and the keyboard, you can instruct the video game to use "external video display" (very simple on screen instructions)
  • Select the right input instruction on your screen control

By transferring the image to a widescreen TV set, the video telephony makes it easy for video conferencing with high definition color. Built-in drives provide a quality TV picture.

You are now ready to be on the high definition television for guests. 3-way conference:

  • Like a conventional cordless handset, the video telephony has a button that keeps the party "hold". Video conferencing 3 is no different from the traditional call's 3 call.
  • Call the first party, press the conference / hold button, and hold down. Call the second party and press the conference button again, all three parties appear on the screen.

You can use this imagination to do so. It opens doors that have never been available before.

What about sign language? Think about opportunities and what helps. Whose life has a positive impact on this wonderful technology?

I checked that this was the real case. Professional, commercial quality, trustworthy, and will not let you down.

This video telephony is indicative for traditional network distributors.

Video conferencing and effective communication, as well as trust and credibility with prospects.

I hope this helped you.

New Experience and More Success Waiting for You,

John Wannop

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