Video conferencing in the army

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Video conferencing meetings are now being used in the army to make real-time and quick decisions that will make control programs and combat war-time competitors more effective.

Videoconferencing meetings are more popular, conference and interaction support groups have moved. In the past, interaction supervisors have been striving for core performance, stability and the best consumer experience (developing components, software, and social media technologies). Much attention is focused on the visibility of collaboration tools IP security risk As the systems or interaction classes are organized on protected or unsafe systems, defense risks and issues are essentially the same

Armed companies and organizations provide protection as a natural data packet, transmission, and various programs running on these transport channels as military transactions between vertices show high confidentiality and the importance of secure video conferencing is increasing and compulsory for the security of the country.

concerns about security regulations for armed forces, videoconferencing manufacturers i implementing penetration testing mechanisms in Video Conferencing software. This test involves a wide range of test errors, such as Buffer overflows, overflow, formatting strings, SQL injections, command injection and cross scripts.

As the military and defense are the most important operational departments where nations are proud of and security depends. The following are the security features that must be embedded in a Video Conferencing solution for military and security purposes.

Account Management:

Military virtual conference solution must be adequate for account management to restrict intruders from signing in, default exclusion must be enabled for failed login attempts

Password Management:

Password Management is a significant feature, which allows military officials to limit intrusion at a conference. In accordance with the password management function, the web conferencing solution should be able to refine all the default passwords, force the user to change the password at frequent intervals, and define complex password rules. The solution must be embedded with the SHA-1 hash algorithm for password protection

Session Management:

Automatic termination check Complete check-in history (last successful login, up to 10 failed attempts to log in) Full

Encryption: [19659002] Encryption techniques need to be integrated with the solution, allowing the moderator to limit intruders and find conference logging information. FIPS-140, 128-bit AES and SHA-1 hashs (one-way encryption) techniques need to be integrated into the video conferencing solution.

Impact Reduction:

Use hardened and downgraded operating system. Programmed Use of Gold Hard Disk Drive for Certification of Consumer Computing

Applies a good pair of controls and the use of regular ad serving sites.

Business Presentation for Administration Interfaces Separate, Only with an Administration Network


Full audit on similar situations, login attempts, and important program changes

All user information about the user's IP address, username, and date and time must be kept in accordance with the audit record

Must save all transactions of all users and allow read-only access From phone call Record Data (with Phone Recorder / CDR)

Backup and Restore:

Fire Extinguisher Firewood

Possibility to back up and restore system configurations (due to rapid shutdown)

Possibility of a return to hardware-level production facility capabilities.

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