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I got a videoconference phone call with my daughter Katie in Sweden and my Gilbert friend in Arizona. We were able to do this because we all have such a wonderful phone.

I think I'm saying that most people still think that video conferencing is complicated and expensive. The popular misinterpretation is that this requires sophisticated know-how. Those times have passed. It's a piece of cake, and ordinary people are all available to us at ridiculously low prices.

Called a video call.

There are currently many different models available on the market, but only a home video phone that offers its true conference capabilities. You can reach this less than you are currently paying for your home phone line . Get $ 33 a month for unlimited local and long distance calls in more than 60 countries. The hardware cost is about $ 180, which is a ventilation that connects it and a child can operate it.

This new phone replaces your existing home phone. Cordless phones continue to function exactly as they always did.

This is possible because of a complete paradigm shift. Change in technology. A new discovery of digital video communications, which uses the Internet as a digital video backbone network.

You may think like when your cell phone was first received, either by fax or personal computer. Well, the same happens with video conferencing. We all talk and see each other through digital video technology over the next few years. It is anticipated that this will happen in 2014 (66% worldwide, believe it or not). Sounds stupid, right?

My favorite video conferencing phone is the result of co-operation between Texas Instruments, Ojo Labs and Worldgate Communications. This phone is now the fifth generation of development and representation, by far the best quality and best value.

Find these benefits and features that need to be standard with the phone:

  • 7-inch live video that runs more than 30 frames per second. (This is high resolution).
  • Stereo Sound, Hands-free Sound and High Quality Sound Microphones
  • No "Delay Time". No more jumping, pixel video
  • Trusted Digital Video System Operator
  • 500 Name and Number Speed ​​Dial Memory
  • One Touch Conference Call Button
  • Works as a rotating photo frame while not in use as a phone [19659013] need to embed Wi-Fi (where there is no hard Internet connection)
  • Interfaces with new-generation mobile mobile phones
  • Portable, anywhere in the world where there is high-speed Internet connection
  • For Wireless Home Appliances
  • Auto-tuning to the appropriate bandwidth for optimal video and audio reception
  • Connecting to a Widescreen TV Connect to a person (s) talking on the TV High Definition
  • Saves money . The local and long distance calling plans need at least 60 countries unlimited and much cheaper than your existing home phone call plan.
  • Software updates must be automated via the Internet

When traveling, take the phone with you. No matter where you are in the world. Connect to high-speed Internet and you're ready to call almost any phone anywhere in the world. It works like your normal home phone. The phone number of your phone is "inside". This means that anyone can "call home" with the same area code for free. Make a local call for them and talk as long as you want. Unlimited.

The right video phone makes a difference with the quality and enjoyment of the relationship with the family and friends.

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Happy Video Call,

John Wannop

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