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Large companies and small businesses take advantage of conference solutions. There are three types of conferencing solutions today: audio conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing.

Below is an overview of any type of conference solution that is used locally and globally by businesses and corporations.

first Audioconference

Audio conferencing is the oldest conference solution. There are some functions on the PBX. These services use 3 telephone lines. Another feature is a cost effective bipartisan conference call system. Participants use a speakerphone around the conference table in the conference room.

You've probably been involved in this type of conference call in your life. This two party conference call is effective, but there are some limitations. These calls are nothing special. Only two people call each other. It is difficult to hear from a person if he is outside the microphone or when he is speaking quietly. You can charge for long distance calls free of charge.

More convenience is available with conference solutions hosted for audio conversation. Multiple parties can join using multiple phone lines. An unresponsive emergency call where the party schedules the conference call. Such types of calls have advantages such as translation and transcription services.

2nd Videoconferencing

Video conferencing is a conference solution that is so realistic that you feel like the participants are in the room. There are many problems when using videoconferencing. Set up the equipment and the software. Travel costs can be shortened and many businesses use it as an alternative than ever.

This is a fact when you actually think about some of the participants. Some participants are home but there is another state. Some participants are overseas. Video conferencing is very convenient when you communicate with more people in real time. Video conferencing is an excellent technology that enhances conference experience.

3rd Web Conferencing

This type of conference solution is ideal if you have to share important documents and software with clients. Introducing the products to the participants is a very reliable web conferencing.

Web conferencing typically uses an integrated audioconferencing tool within the web conferencing system. VoIP is also used as an alternative to communication.

Web conferencing solutions are easier to use and configure, unlike video conferencing. The web conference provides business tools such as document sharing and white boarding.

These three conference solutions are used in many businesses. Many of these solutions merge for business purposes. These technologies are still in its infancy, but in the coming years this technology will be extraordinary.

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