Video Conferencing – the Advantages and Disadvantages

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The possibility of videoconferencing has existed since the 1930s and has always been possible since the introduction of television video communications between sites. However, the latest technological developments have meant that since the turn of the millennium, face-to-face video calls have become increasingly common.

The compression rate of the Internet, the compression rate of videos, the high definition, and the sound quality, become the norm of interpersonal communication regardless of whether they are in separate households, schools, hospitals or the commercial world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this increased communication and prove useful on a business or personal level? the videoconferencing system

* Increasing inter-personal communication, facilitating business and opening up to increased markets worldwide.

* Cultural benefits where some cultures value business from face to face and trust more people who can talk directly.

* Social benefits, especially for families who live for some reason.

* Educational benefits, the use of a virtual school and learning center have opened up the field of education and have led to amazing advances in medical science.

* Technological developments are high-definition, video conferencing is more accessible to people, and better quality and functionality are cheaper.

* Means that staff are always available and available. This may be great if you are a mobile or a home worker.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

* Workplace Disruptions and Excessive Dependability.

* Disadvantage for people who are afraid of technological advances or new systems.

* It is considered a small game in the game.

* Means that staff are always available and available. This may be a disadvantage if you have a day off or you need peace and quiet to work.

* Requires new presentation or performance capabilities that some people may intimidate.

* Cost of Installing New Technology and Training Staff

No way to videoconferencing, but there are a number of advantages and disadvantages, but you do not have to pay a fortune at the end of the day. Carefully applied and responsibly managed strategy can serve both professionally and socially as well as provide greater opportunities for people to communicate with each other. No matter how much technology brings people closer, they will never substitute a real life, face one another face to face.

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