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Video conferencing seriously reduced the need for physical meetings. Streamlined streaming videos and audio through broadband internet virtual meetings are almost as good as physical meetings. Only two or three years ago, Indian developing countries considered it self-evident that conferences should always be in physical and selected geographic locations. But the progress of communications and computing over the last three years has been a reflection of all aspects of the transfer of data and multimedia content. Streaming Video with Broadband Streaming Media such as sound, image and picture is becoming a reality today. It is a major advancement in telecommunications, such as dedicated satellites, for creating high-bandwidth public Internet connections with national bandwidths supported by submarine fiber optic cable networks and satellite telecommunications infrastructures that have been implemented through web conferencing in real-world meetings.

With a number of software that is available for testing and video quality through the network, conferences are spread across the world from geographic locations in the forums across the world and reinforced each other over the web, with lifelike video images and audio content immediately reached them. The video conferencing screen with the most advanced audio settings is displayed at one end of the conference table. When the show starts, it creates an illusion as if the other person is sitting in the room at the other end of the table. This terrible reality or real proximity is what has brought such success to the video conference. Call it, video conferencing, web conferencing, teleconferencing, or webcasting, technology has enabled physical meetings and long-term stays to be justified at different geographic locations.

If one is organizing corporate or multilateral schedules for his board, then the first thing that faces the mind is the uncertainty of videoconferencing.

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