Videoconferencing – How can law firms contribute?

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Videoconferencing is used by law firms for many years, but it is only available to the smallest businesses until recently. The few tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment available a few years ago can still be purchased for a fraction of the cost. Products are more reliable, easier to use, more compact, even portable, and have dramatically improved their capabilities and features. Popular thinking seems to indicate that it is now time for a business to start video conferencing, but it is not surprising that many companies encounter unnecessary technical barriers and restore bad design. The following are important considerations to be taken into account before starting video conferencing:

Using technology

For a number of law firms, video conferencing is first used to reduce travel between internal meetings between practices in different cities. But there are other factors as well. How far are the courts that serve your company? Allow video deposits or other video-based communication for legal proceedings? By adding video conferencing to many or even all of your attorneys, it saves considerable time during commuting and improves the productivity of your workday, and video conferencing will surely help you expand your business.

The resources we need

is better than IP (Internet Protocol) networks than ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). If you have 384 kilobytes of bandwidth available to and from any video conferencing device, you should be able to enjoy a high quality video call. Keep in mind, however, that if your network is shared with other resources, this may jeopardize the quality of your conferences. The dedicated network dedicated specifically for videoconferencing or the IP video network managed by IVCi IntelliNet provides the best user experience.

After you've entered the network, you need someone to handle it. Although the company's technical staff is able to handle the conference network, there is a more efficient way to ensure the continuous and healthy operation of videoconferencing. Some conference operators perform "managed services"; to do all the work from your hand. Search Google for "managed conference services" and find a list of companies that will benefit from the video conferencing while eliminating the need to buy expensive network devices and hire additional support staff.

You are ready to take the steps below to be ready for the video conferencing:

Talk to your lawyer and identify individuals who are ready for the immediate benefit of technology; who are ready and willing to immediately start using video conferencing.

After you have determined the amount of use, you can calculate the time your solicitors release to work in other cases. In many cases, the time saved per month is several dozen hours per lawyer. If more time is available, you can work in more cases and then increase your practice.

Video conferencing is most appropriate in the phases. The features that meet the most important needs of practice should be implemented in the first stage. Determine what you need and find out what your cost and budget are at this stage. As needs and demand grow, they may also have a budget for their future implementation. Always work with conference providers to create scalable solutions.

Simple math. Once you've determined how much your business gets, you can compare this value with your budget. It's as easy as it is.

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