Videoconferencing – the tools of modern communication

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Videoconferencing is an interactive suite of programs that allows live people in different locations to communicate in real time between audio and video. It can not be used interchangeably with video calls as it is allegedly a group conference not between individuals.

Video conferencing is generally aimed at linking a group of people who meet through audio and video technologies that allow them to talk to each other and see each other as if they are in one room unless they are actually in different places.

Video conferencing is also used for announcements, sharing documents, and displaying each other's screens. This is useful for those who work together because they are much more comfortable communicating with each other.

Rapid technological progress has resulted in such communication methods worldwide. Although a simple video conference has been set up since the establishment of the television, it was generally only available to those who had access to it. An example of an earlier version of videoconferencing is NASA's two radio links, which communicate with each other during space flight.

Globalization has led to several technological advances in communications, enabling even small businesses or home users to access video conferencing technologies. Now that only video conferencing is required, a computer, a microphone, a webcam and of course the Internet. The Internet is an important venue for people in different cities, countries, and continents to contact each other without having to make a phone call or send mail.

More and more people have access to high-speed Internet because they do not spend as much as they did before. As a result, people can communicate with each other through different means, using the Internet as a communication space.

This technology also facilitated the operation of large multinational companies. They can use videoconferencing to host meetings, give instructions to employees, and just press a button, and share and receive information for a few minutes, depending on how large the file is.

Even families and friends who are far apart can use video conferencing as a tool to get in touch without having to spend as much money on international and long distance phone calls.

There are several programs on the web that allow people to make video conferencing free of charge. Perhaps the most popular is Skype, as users can have free talk, provided they are limited to Internet calls.

Even programs like Yahoo Messenger and websites such as Google allow Internet users to talk to each other through webcams. Video calls and video conferencing are becoming more popular as more and more people have access to the Internet.

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