Videoconferencing – The use of rising gas prices

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The first noticeable wave of use was created because of concerns about terrorism. The second was due to concerns about SARS. The most recent indicators are directly related to the rising costs of gasoline. For the third time in this young age, organizations of various sectors, including education, governance, law and manufacturing organizations, are holding video conferencing on the move. According to the US Department of Energy, petrol consumes 65 billion gallons a year in the United States, and this figure is expected to grow by 2.6 per cent a year. However, with the price of gas evasion, more companies are looking for a more economical way from A to B to business meetings. Still, video conferencing becomes a solution to choice, and as a result, profits rise again in the IVCi, Hauppauge, NY based conferencing technology provider.

There are many good reasons for organizations of a certain size to turn to providers like IVCi for video conferencing solutions. Make sure there are many "green" reasons. Videoconferencing is environmentally friendly technology that has wide-ranging benefits for employers, individual employees and the general public. The employer each year saves money on the organization's travel expenses. By avoiding work-related travel, employees are less stressed and more productive during the year and protect the environment from tons of pollutants released into the air. As companies become more environmentally aware, they realize that the measurable return on their investment is achieved through the development of an effective videoconferencing program. The numbers

Using the factorized data as a result of the latest waves, research houses such as In-Stat and Wainhouse were created with impressive projections:

for In-Stat / MDT ….

The number of remote workers in the United States can reach 51 million euros by 2008.

By 2010, more than 70% of your work will be held at another time, place, time, or place.

82% of employees work with people living in other locations.

According to Wainhouse Research …

Over 40 percent of people working in the US travel less.

More than 70 percent are interested in travel alternatives.

provides 63 percent access to collaboration technology (such as voice, web, and video conferencing) versus 44 percent before September 11, 2001. …..

Sales of engines increased 8.5 percent in the first three months of this year compared to the same period last year.

This is true; more people buy motorcycles as a way to save gas! The saying "America loves cars" but when gas prices rise under control, Americans are not afraid of other alternatives. After all, love is a two way street. The soaring prices of gasoline also employ some companies that use rather unstructured technologies. A well-known shipping company has recently applied a technology that prints only the routes that carry the right lane. Thus, trucks will not remain idle and lose gases while waiting for the left rotating signals. If companies are willing to go to this extreme, it's easy to understand why video conferencing is popular.

Thinking about having a business partner face-to-face with your office or conference room comfort, why not lose hours in the classroom and fill the gases? Appropriately, sitting in a traffic jam will lose his appeal. So it emits CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, video conferencing is an easy and very justified way to make companies more environmentally friendly.

The fact that many businesses are getting more and more active in enhancing efficiency across different parts of the organization. Many people find that they can actually improve their cooperation with their partners, partners and customers while eliminating road and air transport costs and productivity losses. As many organizations nationwide have branches, partners and customer services, they sometimes spend thousands of dollars on business travel expenses. The significant improvement in the clarity and reliability of videoconferencing technology and its lower entry costs are beyond the list of solutions that help companies survive Great Gas Gouge. This latest video conferencing opportunity teaches us an important lesson: never underestimate human ingenuity and our ability to rebound in a difficult situation. The fact that, despite the trials of recent years, organizations learn to become more efficient and productive. They were smarter than ever. But clever companies do not expect tragedies or difficult economic / environmental factors to call for action. The next wavering seems to be due to common sense.

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