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Video conferencing growth has exponentially increased over the last decade. Video conferencing allows personal contacts with colleagues at remote locations. Many companies and universities rely on the forward-looking technology of videoconferencing to bring together people who would otherwise want to achieve the same goal. By using videoconferencing, businesses and schools save money on travel costs and away from office time.

Fast Internet connectivity is a key element of successful video conferencing. In addition, each participant needs a computer, webcam, and microphone. Technology has been transformed and developed over the years, making it more affordable and making these devices accessible to everyone. With the latest video and audio equipment, videoconferencing helps companies grow more productive by gathering people from all over the world. Professors can perform in a live classroom and pass it on to hundreds of students in the world. The Possibilities are Endless

There are plans for cybernetic communities in the future where video conferencing is the norm for all businesses who want it. The goal is to allow more people to work from the place of choice. This can free people from daily commuting. The benefits would far outweigh the obvious time and money saved from commuting but would also favor the environment as more people worked from home, thereby reducing exhaust emissions and pollution. Productivity will increase as costs are reduced. Parents can work on changing children's needs as they participate in global videoconferences from the privacy of their home office.

As some professions become more and more specialized, video conferencing enables professionals to teach and teach the headache of travel. Many who are otherwise restricted because of health or financial constraints will be able to fully participate in business and education businesses. This eliminates obstacles to people with disabilities, the elderly and the family. Access to everyone, more people will be able to continue their educational and professional goals. For some people, videoconferencing is the difference between participating as a participant or an observer in the upward movement of businesses and educational goals.

Video conferencing is gathering people from all over the world. With global companies and global politics growing, video conferencing can have a positive impact on promoting peace and healthy political negotiations between countries, companies and the world

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