Voice Conferencing – Music for the company's ear

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In the information age, video is usually a step above the voice. Chat with a friend through the webcam is more exciting than listening to an answering machine. Further developments in technology are no less exciting. CD technology has developed for DVD technology. This is not surprising. After all, no one wanted to convert the VCDs at the time of filming. The videoconferencing offers millions of dollars of business to huge companies. It may seem that the sound is always a video. However, in choosing between video conferencing and audio conference, some companies believe that the latter is a better technology for them.

Ring Ring

Audio conferencing involves people sitting in different locations. The number of participants must be at least three people. There are three options for audio conferencing, especially on multi-line phones, telephone companies or private branch accounts or PBXs. The PBX is a telephone exchange that serves an office or business.

Implementing a Mission Arrangement

Telephone networks have been designed to improve communication between people separated by distant distances. Today, we can send e-mail and voicemail to people or groups. In addition, we can use mobile phones almost anywhere in the world. In fact, we can call in Los Angeles, Paris or Timbuktu somewhere, where and where we want it. Though loudspeaking may be a gift from gods, but not the benefit and the disadvantage.

The Pluskok

The company has several advantages over audioconferencing, namely:

* Businesses are able to walk globally, virtually no borders within the scope of the conference.

* Travel time and cost reduction if not eliminated. People can circle the world without leaving their office.

* The audiovisual conference facilitates interaction that improves the company's information quality.

* As more information is exchanged more quickly, audio conferencing enables companies to make quick decisions.

* Audio conferencing is cheaper than other options, such as web conferencing. This is an ideal tool for communication for small businesses who need to have pennies to make money.


Audio conferencing is largely beneficial for businesses. However, when using the audio conferencing, some difficulties may arise. The service is usually not available quickly and can be very expensive. To get this service, you should usually contact a service provider to subscribe to or sign up for the audio conferencing service. Also, you need to pre-empt a conference resource. All of these requirements explain why there is no telephone conference between family members, friends, and social groups. However, some audio conferencing providers create products and services that eliminate the typical disadvantages of the audio conference.

Making a Call

Although conference call preparation may be tedious, conference calls are by their nature simple and will remain the same when taking the right steps.

* Temporary is an ideal time for both parties. Keep in mind that people can stay in other time zones, and what can be half-time for them at midnight.

* Before you start the conference call, pick up someone to take the conference's record. You can also schedule the conference with the conference call service provider. Then share the number and password of the conference participants with the service provider.

* Log in before launching the conference and check people when they enter the conference. If another party is in a conference room or at home, speak on their phone until they speak.

* Before completing a call, review the actions to be performed later and enter all the participants in the list. Also schedule all the necessary audio conferencing.

Although society generally chooses audio technology technologically, audio conferencing can still be very useful. In fact, when used wisely, the company's ears may be music.

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