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With the growing popularity of web conferencing, ICT departments of companies are currently receiving web conferencing and standardizing unified platforms. However, the jury is still wondering whether it is better to buy web conferencing services or to run the conference application internally.

Using the web conferencing software and maintaining the service internally have its own advantages. Web conferencing providers usually calculate the number and cost of each site for their services, and this may be expensive in the long run. Although the initial cost of web conferencing software can be high, the rate of return is high if the number of organized web conferencing is high or proportionate to the number of participants. With its own web conferencing software, it also enables the company to identify with its own marketing messages that anyone who is dialing receives marketing communications.

Main disadvantage of internal inclusion of the service is that the company continuously monitors the latest technology developments and continuously updates the software. Before making any purchase decision, you must carefully select the full cost of ownership analysis.

When buying a web conferencing software, some important factors may have a significant impact on your costs. It is important to define precisely the requirements of the conference. Reducing bells and whistles that are not actually used can significantly reduce costs.

An ideal approach could be to start a web conferencing solution that is available both in external and hosted versions, so consumers who first want to use external service providers will then relocate the conference software over the site without user and IT training .

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