Web Conferencing – the Virtual Global Office Enabler

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Online collaboration has begun to evolve from the simple Wow factor to the core that every business needs to invest and plan. The Internet has changed our workplace and our lives, has virtual offices and home-work. Web conferencing is a great tool that increases the productivity of employees and the company. There are several products in the web collaboration segment from Cisco, from Microsoft to PresentPlus.com. These online conference products enable live meetings in a virtual conference hall. It's a sci-fi dream just a few decades ago, now it's a reality in high definition video broadcast continents. High-speed Internet and fantastic QoS (Quality of Service) implementations in backbone networks have made it possible for these highly productive multimedia conferences. Typical conferences were always a tedious, non-interactive presentation style during telephone conversations, remembering Charlie's angels. Nowadays, something extraordinarily rich and extremely productive has emerged.

"NOW" web conferences allow online sharing of presentation materials and additional documentation for meeting. It also provides collaborative aspects such as shared whiteboards and live synchronized presentations. The other major elements are voice, video and text collaboration. Standard PBX audio replaced the available VOIP audio features and the video developed in one of the active modes to the active speaker grid solutions. The video has been so well developed that you can now get a unique view of each person at each conference, each person can select the endpoints or cameras you want to watch with features such as automatically collecting video from the conference's active loudspeaker . One of the most used features is integrated text chat emoticons. What a fantastic feature, along with public chat gadgets, gives users private conversations. As long as you meet at the online meeting, you can chat with some of your questions and quit something without interrupting the general meeting. This is something that is certainly possible at online conferences, which is really annoying at real facultative meetings. How many times did you want the mute button for private conversation between 2 guys in a group meeting in parallel with the main speaker? This text capability has found interesting and useful turns, such as real-time queries and online queries. Think about it, you can still send questions that you want to answer in the last Q / A when and when it conflicts. These are usually added to a line that can serve as a Q / A session that typically follows the busy or encounter. This is a very useful presentation style. He said enough about the features and quickly look at the business side of things.

Web conferencing products enable businesses to set up a virtual global office that is ready for business prospects and customers, anywhere and anytime. If I say anywhere, I mean that I can connect through online collaboration products that have rich experience, such as personal meeting, expensive Flight and Hotel costs. These are also great opportunities for telework without distracting you from collections. Often, people who forget most collections are distant, these videos and other real-time capabilities are getting closer to teleworkers to other teams. One killer uses webcasting to organize live events and convey these events to employees and customers who can not attend the event. It also adds the ability to record these meetings with unlimited play. Without major investment in capital investment, you can get good online services from some good companies. One of these companies, which offers you many web conferencing offers.

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