What features should be good for web conferencing software?

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If you try to free up the full potential of a web conference, investing in good web conferencing software is an option you should consider. Conferencing tools, such as chat software, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, which can duplicate as web conferencing sources for you, but do not provide you with the services that a dedicated web conferencing application will provide. Here are some features of such software applications.


One of the most important features of web conferencing tools that allow video conferencing. The aforementioned free tools do not provide video functionality or, if provided, they will not give you a better picture quality. Good server-based conferencing software solutions, such as Web Meet Live, such as video quality, are good enough. You can see the person you are negotiating with.

VoIP Audio Conferencing

You can use web conferencing resources as an audio conference tool. Most web conferencing solutions require a phone line, but like Web Meet Live, this is not even necessary. All you have to do is connect a microphone to your computer and set it up.

Website, HTML Slide Show and File Sharing

For those who communicate remotely, this is an unbeatable opportunity. Performers and guests can share web pages, html slideshow presentations, online streaming videos, and links to online documents. They can be different file formats; can be PDF files, text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or any other type of file that can be found on the Internet. Web Meet Live allows you to synchronize browsing. You can invite your guests to visit a website and they too

files can be downloaded from there.

Ability to enter private

Any good web conferencing tool should allow presentations and moderators to have private conversations if needed. So if two people who attend a conference have to communicate in the private sphere, they should also be able to do this through a personal text conversation.


Web conferencing software is designed for all platforms today because of their high popularity. There are software applications that work only on Windows operating systems, and those that support MAC users. It may be server-based or peer to peer. These are services that you need to log on as a server-based system such as Web Meet Live, which supports all connection speeds, including dial-up and satellite users. Web Meet Live also runs in java, which is preinstalled on most MAC systems and most new PCs. So there is not a huge download or installation for your or web conferencing guests.


Numerous web conferencing software providers offer great support. But be sure to check this out if you take into account a particular app that you know will always need help when you need it. Call the company to see if they will be on the phone in normal working hours. If you can not talk to someone to get pre-sales answers to pre-sales questions, this is a good indication of what kind of support you will get if you become a customer.

Other features

Other features to be considered when selecting web conferencing software providers: table, annotation capabilities, query, PPT, open office presentation sharing, and embedded recording

meeting, including polls, web pages, white board and screen sharing activities and upload to the internet for viewing on demand? Many features allow you to record. But editing on-demand viewing can be challenging for those who are a little technical challenge.

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