What is a desktop conference?

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Desktop Conference Use uses the desktop computer for communication. Basically, this is a computer technology that allows you to interact with anyone smoothly. This includes both audio and video; you can also transfer electronic documents and files during such conferences. This technology enables you to broadcast Power Point presentations with all participants in the conference.

To use this technology, you need your desktop computer, software, internet, and camera to capture and send your online recordings. The software application ensures the interoperability between the participants and the transfer of files, sounds and videos. Most operating systems are now surviving, they have incorporated this full technology. As long as all the participants join the required protocol on the internet at the same time, they can contact each other as in any ordinary meeting.

For seamless operation of the system, you need at least 128 KB of high-speed Internet connection. If you have a wide range of presentations, videos, etc., then you're in a better position to use the speed of 1GB of Internet connection. Thanks to this technology, you can have an appointment between a couple of people or use the same software application to convey your message to hundreds or even thousands of people. Connecting to other computers is done through user IP addresses.

An advanced desktop conference develops real-time interaction. This includes a collaborative white deck in which two or more participants share the same virtual table where they can simultaneously view, discuss, and review the same document on their own computers. The multi-point conference is attending the meeting from multiple locations. If you want to install a separate local system to interact with different departments of the company, you can use a special CCAC network.

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