What is Multipoint Video Conferencing?

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There are times when people have to talk to other locations, both for personal reasons and business. Simplified messaging can be made by phone, mobile or even via email … unfortunately these methods are only effective if you do not have to contact the participants directly or provide them with visual information or view the information they provide should be shown to you. In such situations, multi-point videoconference may be just what you need.

Although the name may seem complicated, multipoint video conferencing is actually a relatively simple concept. When using multi-point video conferencing, you use a number of cameras and displays that are located in different buildings or offices and which transports images from each location to any other location in the video conference. This allows real-time visual communication without the need for traditional meetings or less travel.

How Multipoint Video Conferencing Works

Before multipoint video conferencing, it is first important to understand how the technology works. Basically, it uses a series of multi-point videoconferencing cameras, at least one at every venue of the conference, and transmits the audio and video over the computer network where other members of the conference will receive it. This works like a telephone conference call that allows all members to communicate in real time, but instead of making a simple phone call, members can see what's happening at other locations and often open more information from the computer as part of the conference. Multiple video conferencing can do a little bit to facilitate communication with all members of the conference, giving them the opportunity to provide important information to other affected parties, or gestures and body language and express their meaning with their speech. As most multipoint video conferencing is done through a computer, it also has the advantage of being able to transfer files, vote making, text conversation and other functions that would not be available as standard conference calls. This gives users a new level of interactivity and makes multi-point video conferencing more productive and worthwhile.

Using Multipoint Video Conferencing

Given how technology can be applied, there is a lot of opportunities for individuals and businesses to use multipoint video conferencing [http://www.polycom-products.com]. When people are at home, multi-point videoconferencing allows them to talk to more friends or family members simultaneously and have a "virtual reunion" or to share important news. Multiple video conferencing companies can organize meetings with other cities or worldwide employees, offices, or business partners, without the need to create the travel arrangements necessary for all participants to participate. Multipoint video conferencing can be used by teachers who conduct classes in other classes or teach classes in a variety of classes as a form of distance learning or members of the scientific community who try to share data and carry out full research in different countries. As multipoint video conferencing continues to evolve, the only real limitation to the usefulness of the communication method is the imagination and creativity of those who will use it.

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