Why is communication broken?

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"This is, I will never talk to you again!"

Wow, that's a huge commitment. Does it really mean "never, never again"? Think about it; for days, weeks, months, years or even decades, depending on how long you live. It can be very long! Imagine how hard it would be to put on joyful negative emotions.

Whether you know it or not, sometimes it really means: "My mind was clear what I was going to say, but I could not explain it by understanding or accepting it. I was only disappointed with the whole process."

the most important element of human-human relationships – not to mention the most unpredictable – is the ability to make personal touch (or voice) to-voice. Whether verbal or non-verbal, this communication is the most effective tool we have in order to share our feelings, thoughts, opinions, concerns, passions, or anything else that is different.

Okay, there are things like flowers, e-mails, cards, etc. That we can use to convey emotion or message; and there is no doubt that we can speak these things aloud. At the same time, when faced, we have the opportunity to communicate the highest level of communication. This communication takes place after the flowers or the e-mail has been sent or the delivery is delivered; , when the real communication begins.

When this higher level communication stops, it can cause the greatest damage. It's like a cancer. If you are not diagnosed and untreated, there may be something or somebody dies (metaphorically). Therefore, every good communicator knows that it is imperative to uncover the causes of the error, understand the breakdown, then act firmly and positively to ensure that the problem is solved before completely destroying the relationship.

There are thousands and thousands of reasons why communication is interrupted. Many of these reasons fall into one or more of the following:

  • Personalization of Things – Subjective, Non-Objective
  • Unbreakable – Holding Strong Attitudes or Opinions and Close Other Possibilities
  • Entry (Positive or Negative) distraction for any party
  • The conversation of the other person or the attempt of the monopoly of the debate becomes a competition of communication
  • Unclear, unstable or disjunctured articulation of the voices – Lack of lack of communication, trust and / or honesty
  • short, sharp or incomplete answers to questions may give the same ideas as the previous point [19659009] The pace of communication is too fast or too slow for one or both parties – they ran too fast or slow; Anyway, there may be a sense of frustration
  • Lack of knowledge and you do not want the other person to be aware of this lack – the fear of being exposed or ill; or feeling that they are fulfilled and disabled in your tournament & # 39;
  • Considering the other person (or people) to cloud our ability to listen to what we say – this is the lack of focus and even the conflict of voices in his voice

Some of these can mean you or others , can be a completely different reason for communication errors. By the way, most people usually have one or two primary roots. In any case, it is vital (relationships and, more importantly, your own happiness) to identify the causes and to find solutions.

Before we talk about how to solve communication acne, we must be clear: no solution exists. There is no such thing as an equal size communication fixer top. And anyone who says otherwise is just trying to sell something they can not sell to someone else. (This is a communication you want to break.)

Everyone experiences communication breakdown; it does not fall "when" "but" "when we are unable to completely avoid them, and the next best option is to develop communication skills to get better prepared. We can become more aware of time (and maturity) in the effective management of demolitions, and we can become more noticeable when the potential breakdown is approaching and then the danger is removed After saying this, there are rare occasions when the best course of action is the breakdown of communication, but this is a whole article

Okay, let's continue

  • For a moment, forget what the other party did or say, and ask yourself the question: "How did I contribute to this breakdown?" This is simple and fair math: 50% of the problem and 50% of the solution. You can easily show your finger, but if both sides are silent n stands for "Security" and a firing hammer pulled on pointed fingers, the stoppage remains static.
  • Then he tries to understand why the other party has done or said everything he did or said. Stop feeling yourself and go into an objective, research-minded way. Another question is to ask, "What is behind what you said?" Egypt: "What Happens in the Background to Respond?" As hard as you want to do, you think the other person.

If you've cleared the first two tips, you can start preparing the path to the solution. (This is where you show your humility)

  • Fully owns a 50% contribution to the eruption o Hold the fact that you are not responsible for the other's 50% contribution [19659009] In your heart, either you feel you want to or not, forgive the other person 50%.
  • Forgive me 50% … unconditionally! If the other person does not apologize, they have to deal with them, then you do not ask for understanding why they spoke or behaved as they did. You might be able to format this question: "Personally, I really want to work with you to resolve your communication breakup. Please help me understand your opinion?"
  • Next … LISTEN! You do not have to agree with their views; we just want to understand them.
  • After listening to the explanation, ask the question about the solution; Sometimes something like:
  • Once again, LISTEN! Anyway, it's not the case that all you have to do is suck and accept the solution as the only way to go. Keep in mind that 50% of the solution.

There are times when the other person is unwilling to find a solution to interrupt communication. This is his prerogative. You can only do your part.

Often, these interruptions occur because a person does not read or match the other's communication style. We can miss the Pace and minority relations indicators and feel that they are completely incomplete in the dialogue. Well, that does not have to be so.

Although not 100% cure, FACE dramatically increases the chances of early and frequently used styles. The FACE makes it easy to travel, you can not enjoy it. In future entries, we are getting the subject of communication and the FACE operation more deeply. Until then, if your own copy of "FACE The Global Language" would lead to a very good start.

The Ultimate Word: Communication is vital to every part of our lives, especially when sharing time with other people. Lifelong learning; what to enjoy!

Be FACE; work together, get more!

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