Why is Communication Capability important to the Project Manager?

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Project management is often similar to rotating tabs – you must keep up the complex and demanding tasks without falling off and seeing the project crash. It is certain that Project Management requires a lot of skills, many of which have a lot of experience. The scheduling, risk management, application management and the traditional knowledge of the coordinating teams are obviously important, but I'm not the key ingredient for creating a special project manager.

For me, this key job is communication.

Communication, effective, clear, robust, excellent project manager.

Think about the time within a project that communication is important

• The project sales and business case agreement
• Communication of key benefits to stakeholders
• Managing Affair
Interested Parties
• Resolving resistance to change
• Working with Project Change

All of the above require a high level of communication skills. Think of the flip side – if it is not able to communicate effectively, then:

• Stakeholders do not know the benefits of the project
• Project and tangency become more resilient
and not coordinated.

Managing stakeholder expectations

Project management is about completing a process. This product can be a new building, a new IT system or a new product. Managing stakeholder expectations becomes a key factor in work. You can wait for what they offer, scheduling, benefits, shipping, etc. – all of them need GREAT communication – stakeholders need to be informed about the facts in a way that is clear, easy to digest and easy to spread to the body.

Project management can be filled with issues that require address management – this is especially true of change management projects and the PM should be able to use different forms of communication (email, face to face, group, etc.) interested parties with different requirements and obligations. As we said in the beginning of the article, good project management comes not only from courses and tools, but from experience.

High-performance projects in communication make this for two main reasons

1. They have a communication plan followed by
2. They are experienced in dealing with stakeholders with different views and needs

. The first cause is vital. Great communication does not just happen. Strict planning, audience understanding and meticulous execution are needed. The progress of time to develop a strong communication plan can take time, but this may be a difference. What does this require?

Communication Plans typically include the following:

• Stakeholder Evaluation
• What Communication Methods Can be Used
• Who will deliver what communication and how often

provides project ad-hoc information – it does not fit the audience and the message is quickly heard in large project teams.


Great projects need great communication – no need. Sophisticated project managers will appreciate the relevant groups and provide timely and useful information while keeping in mind the groups of people who can resist and carefully examine how they meet their information needs. Good project management is not only about coordinating tasks and writing the schedule of the schedule, but also to understanding customer needs, but also to informing and guiding the project team and customer interest groups.

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